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Club Quora Rent / Terms & Conditions

The pinnacle of corporate luxury, Club Quora is an expanse of 4,000 sq. ft., 40 feet above the ground, with a sprawling view of 32 acres of manicured greens.

Person Capacity 22 - 6

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ETHOS Rent / Terms & Conditions

Grand and striking, the Ethos, with double the ceiling height, is ideal for conferences / banquets for very large gatherings. Situated on the ground floor of the Centre, it boasts of two 2600 sq. ft. conference rooms that can be clubbed together to form a massive,

Person Capacity 1 - 100

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MONETA Rent / Terms & Conditions

Tastefully appointed in a contemporary fashion, the Moneta comprises of two 850 sq. ft. meeting rooms that can individually house up to 25 to 30 people, or combined together to seat 50 to 75 people. The Moneta's cosy ambience is ideal for big groups, business meetings,

Person Capacity 25 - 75

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TEMPUS Rent / Terms & Conditions

Think of the Tempus as your private office. With plug and play workspaces that are ready to roll from day one, the Tempus is home to every modern day business requirement including secretarial services. Two, dedicated 12-seater meeting rooms, wrap up a completely self sufficient business zone.

Person Capacity 1 - 12

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HIVE Rent / Terms & Conditions

An executive Lounge, located on the residential floor, the Hive is exclusive for the members and in-house guests of the club. No luxury is spared when it comes to the Hive's amenities and facilities: it offers the perfect setting to mix business with pleasure.

Person Capacity 1 - 50

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